Shannon Forbes

Shannon is a Vancouver girl. Originally from Jamaica , she has called this beautiful city home since the age of six. She loves the mountains, the ocean and the healthy attitude of Vancouverites. Pole Dancing fits the forward thinking and active lifestyle of Vancouver's women.

Shannon 's Pole Dancing ability is rooted in a brief off-on 4 years in the exotic dance industry. Starting in Japan and ending in Vancouver, her experience left her with great appreciation for Pole Dancing and the unique self expression that came from each dancer.

Shannon is thrilled Pole Dancing has risen up from the dark seedy clubs and into the light of day to trade its audience of mostly men, for women, and allow the everyday woman to discover her hidden performer in a fun and wholesome environment.

Turning caterpillars into butterflies is never boring. Watching a beginner's awkward first attempts to her eventually “owning the pole” is exciting. Witnessing her very unique style evolve into a freeflowing, powerful, expressive “show” is truly a thing of beauty.

TEL: (604) 724-0222  

"Sorry Ladies... I am unable to book stagettes at this time. "